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mural on McCadden near Hollywood Boulevard of the word Hollywood in different colors and with different members of the LGBT community depicted
  • Hope Floats

    Past is the distancewe’ve walked to arriveat where we stand.Future is the sky’s expanse,full of what rises abovethe rocks and sand.We may have stumbled.We may wanderedinto mist and shadow.But as long as we liftour eyes to the cloudsand imagine how to fillourselves with hope,we can float acrossall obstacles below.There is room for usto fulfill ourContinue reading “Hope Floats”

  • image of Zuni lhamana or two-spirit We'wha, circa 1886


    The history of homelessness is as old as civilization itself. Ancient Greek philosophers viewed homelessness as an opportunity to refine ways of life and thinking into coherent perspectives such as Cynicism. Some of (if not the most) famous teachers of all time—Siddartha Gautama (the Buddha) and Yeshua of Nasrath (Jesus)—were homeless and found the lifeContinue reading “History”

  • black building with "good looking people" painted on it in white


    If Hollywood stands for anything, it’s how important appearance is to us culturally. We all want to look like our favorite movie star. Well, there’s nothing like becoming homeless and transitioning between genders to completely deconstruct the idea of appearance entirely. You go for days without showering, without a fresh change of clothes and (forContinue reading “Appearances”

  • political sign lying on the ground for Louis Abramson that says "we can end homelessness"


    So I voted. I filled in ellipses with a pen next to the names of people I’ve never met in the hopes they will bring real, positive change and hope for all people in Hollywood and Los Angeles. It’s an act of faith, I guess. Almost a religious ritual akin to prayer. I pray thatContinue reading “Progress”

  • Behind the Mask

    Who are webehind the eyes,beyond the body?What is itmoves us?Where are we—authentically—if our flesh isalways changing?Is there an essenceinside us ofpure brilliance?Maybe there’s moreto us than can be defined.Perhaps behind the maskwe’re beyond beautiful.

  • image painted on the window of a 7-11 of a witch riding a broomstick over a cemetery


    It can be a controversial holiday. I remember growing up the churches I attended considered Halloween evil, but I think there’s something to be said for “facing your fears” and “bringing the darkness to light” as a community. I know a lot of people are just looking for fun, thrills, Halloween’s party-like aspects and notContinue reading “Halloween”

About Me

I’ve been writing about my life in Hollywood for years without sharing, but recently a friend suggested I do that. This blog is intended to let people know what it’s like for transgender and homeless people living in Hollywood as reflected by my own personal experience since becoming homeless over four years ago and coming out as transgender seven years ago.

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“Do not say a little in many words but a great deal in few.” – Pythagoras